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An umbrella company embracing innovation, transparency and service

Who we are

We are an innovative umbrella company providing payment solutions to flexible workers contracting in the UK through recruitment agencies or directly engaging with end clients.

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With our dynamic platform, we cover all possible outcomes, ensuring you receive the best and most innovative umbrella service out there.

Our amazing clientele support makes us available to you at all times during the day. Taking the payroll-load off your shoulders, we give you the leeway to focus on more productive and pressing matters.

Why Evolve

We understand your everyday challenges

As experienced and successful healthcare recruitment managers, we know and understand the constant struggle to find a quality-driven and reliable service from an innovative umbrella company.

That’s why we took it upon ourselves to set up Evolve CS Group, an umbrella company that can help with the numerous issues faced when contracting.

Unlike some umbrella contracting companies, we have experience on the ground. We know it can be frustrating when your umbrella firm takes too long to process your timesheets and pay you; we’re passionate about doing things differently and helping you succeed.

There have been a number of legislative changes surrounding the employment and umbrella industry affecting many flexible workers and recruitment agencies. One of the most recent changes includes penalties sanctioned on senior management, where reasonable steps have not been taken to prevent staff facilitating in tax evasion. Evolve has taken steps to protect the recruitment agencies chain of command by offering a transparent overview of contractor pay information. The Evolve agency portal has been implemented to show candidate pay information such as payslips, p60’s, p45s and RTI submissions in real-time as payments are being processed, giving agencies a clear picture of the Tax deductions and NIC’s being made for workers.

Our launch

May 2018

Evolve CS Group launches, with a mission to make the world of umbrella contracting more straightforward.

Major upgrades

Dec 2018

Agency and contractor portal launches. Updated in April 2020 with significant improvements, allowing for more accessibility.

Pushing forward

July 2020

Knowledgebase went live, offering an accessible facility for in-depth information about Evolve and the umbrella industry.

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