Umbrella Services for Contractors (PAYE)

How Does an Umbrella Company Work?

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Registering for Umbrella PAYE

Choosing the PAYE Umbrella option means you become an employee of Evolve CS Group. All umbrella payments made to you are subject to tax and National insurance (NI). We deduct the tax and NI at source and pay your net salary according to your pay schedule. Joining us is simple and quick as we utilise online systems for registration.


Timesheets & Invoicing

Each week or month you will submit your timesheet, pay rate and expense (where applicable) information to Evolve and your Recruitment Agency. Thereafter, we will invoice your agency or client based on the information that has been submitted and wait for the invoice to be paid.


Umbrella Payment

Upon payment from your agency, we will pay you a net salary after making the necessary deductions for tax and national insurance contributions (NIC). You will receive a payslip and text notification once paid. Depending on your pay schedule, you will either be paid weekly or monthly.

There is no administration involved when using our umbrella services, as it is all taken care of for you.
All tax and NI is deducted automatically, meaning there is no need to worry about limited company tax returns or budget planning.
Why use our Umbrella Services?

If you work with several agencies and are currently PAYE, then you may have multiple tax codes across those agencies and could be subject to emergency tax while working with one over the other. Using Evolve’s umbrella services will mean you have one employer and one tax code, so you need not worry about paying over the odds with emergency tax.

You will receive beneficial employment rights as you would a normal  employee, giving you the flexibility of working as an independent contractor with the security of an employee. 

If you don’t have the time to deal with lots of paperwork or don’t have a self employed status, but want to maximise your earning potential, choosing an umbrella option would be the best choice as flexible workers will usually earn more compared to standard agency PAYE.

We are transparent in our margin (unlike many other umbrella companies) and we provide you with all of our benefits in one weekly margin.

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  • Online and same day registration
  • View your pay information on your portal 24/7
  • Payment notifications via sms, email and your pay portal
  • No setup or exit fees
  • Expert advice available 6 days a week, 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 5pm Saturdays
  • Comprehensive £25million insurance package included free (£10 mil Employers Liability, £10 mil Public liability, £5 mil Professional indemnity)
  • Faster payments at no extra cost to yourself
  • Claim back allowable expenses
  • Employment rights
  • HR support
  • Holiday pay 
  • Reduced administration
  • Employee benefits scheme giving you a mix of perks and discounts
  • 5-star service, as currently rated on Feefo

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