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Frequently asked questions

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When do I get paid?

Once we have received payment and remittance from your agency, we will pay you utilising the UK's faster payments system, meaning the money is in your account within minutes to an hour. Payment days are dependant on the time and day your agency makes payment to us, e.g. if we receive remittance on a Wednesday and Payment Friday, we will pay you Friday.

How will I know I've been paid? 

You will receive a text and email notification making you aware that we have processed your pay and paid into your account. You will also get a notification advising you to check your online portal for your payslip. 

Will I receive a payslip?

Yes...You can access all your Evolve payslips and p60’s on your contractor portal 24/7. We will also send you an sms to let you know the money has been transferred into your nominated bank account.

Do you charge any setup or exit fees?

No, we do not charge for either of these. Our margin is only taken for the weeks we process pay for you. So, if you have no timesheets to process for a week then no margin is deducted. It is easy to setup and you can leave at any point, granting you great flexibility.  

Do I receive holiday pay?

The choice is down to you, whether you would like us to keep the holiday pay for you or to add it to your pay when processing for the week. You can inform us of your decision when you sign up and can change at any time by informing us of your decision. 

I’ve started a new contract with a different client/agency, what should I do?

If you have recently changed agency or client, please contact our payroll team and provide the following information: 
Your recruitment agency / client's registered name, address and contact details.
Contract rate (limited company rate). 
Start and end dates of your contract. 
You can call 020 3880 0622 or email the team on

Why should I choose umbrella?

Our umbrella solutions provide all of the beneficial employment rights of being an employee whilst allowing you to enjoy the benefits of flexible working, also freeing you from the hassle of administrative burden of managing your own company.

How long does it take to sign up?

As soon as you sign the contract your details are automatically uploaded to our system. We will then need to run right to work checks. Once this has been completed, your agency will be onboarded, if not done so already. So we go as fast as you and your agency.

Why do I pay Employers NI?

You don’t…when employed permanently, it is the company (your employer) that pays for the Employer’s National Insurance. It is no different through an umbrella company and Employers NI still needs to be paid on the assignment income. The rate you are offered by your agency when working through an Umbrella Company should be adjusted to allow for the assignments employers NI contribution. When it comes to negotiating your pay rate with an agency or end client you should take this into consideration. When working through an agency you would normally be offered two different rates, one as PAYE through the recruitment agency and another for umbrella, which is normally the higher of the two as it takes into consideration the employers NIC. If the difference between the Umbrella PAYE and Agency PAYE rate is greater than 13.8% you will be much better off with the umbrella company as you may also be entitled to claim business expenses.

I already have an umbrella company, but would like to change, how can I do this?

Yes, its very simple, you need to provide us with your agency contact details and inform them you are switching. We will then contact your agency and do the rest. You will also need to provide your current umbrella company with the notice they require as per contract as this could potentially cause issues with tax codes.

Can I claim expenses?

New regulations were implemented in April 2016 to clamp-down on travel and subsistence expenses and workers employed via intermediaries such as umbrella companies or limited company directors who are operating inside IR35, are no longer capable of claiming travel and subsistence expenses and incur the related tax relief if they're under the direct supervision, direction or control (SDC for short) of their end-client. Umbrella company contractors will find their ability to claim travel and subsistence costs as tax deductible expenses has been significantly decreased since the change in law. However, HMRC permit employees who are not under SDC of their end-client to claim work related costs. Even if you are operating under SDC there are exceptions to the rules, in which you may able to declare some expenses if your role is considered 'mobile'. A mobile worker is a person whose function calls for them to journey from site to site for the duration of their working day. When you register with Evolve, a member of the team will run through your contract with you and suggest you whether or not you're able to receive expenses. If eligible to claim, the way to submit expenses is through our online portal or via our payroll e-mail

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