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Evolve Contract Services is a first-class umbrella contracting company, provided by top-rated professionals. We like to think of ourselves as a one-stop-shop featuring superior solutions to all situations. Get in touch to discuss your requirements today.

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Umbrella Services

Evolve Contract Services is an umbrella contracting company with a drive to provide quality and effective services. With years of top-level experience under our belt and our dynamic platform, we cover all possible outcomes, ensuring you receive the best umbrella company services out there. Our amazing clientele support makes us available to you at all times during the day.

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Bespoke Platform

Our custom-made systems and processes are uniquely set up to ensure the elimination of human errors and data entry duplications. This increases efficiency and helps cut out unwanted losses.

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A1* service from Vish and the team at Evolve had 120 contractors mistreated by various umbrella companies making mistakes on the pay and they were big enough and efficient enough to move over all and turnaround our payroll problems in under a week!.”

James McCauley

Evolve have been consistent from start to finish. They offered invaluable advice and helped me to get set up quickly so I could start work. Would defo recommend. .”

Sam Q

I have been using Evolve when contracting and I must say I am very pleased with how they process my pay. They explain everything clearly and are quick to respond to any queries I have. I definitely recommend Evolve if you are looking for a reliable umbrella company..”

Imy N

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